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Ms. Jane T, Singapore

Dear Dr Kelvin, 

We wish to thank you for correcting our 6yo’s son’s hearing.

Since our son started speaking at the age of 2, his speech wasn’t very clear. We had been told along the way that boys develop slower than girls, that it was due to his pacifier, and other possibilities. From the age of 3-5 he did speech therapy, but it didn’t make much difference. His teachers and friends had to try really hard to understand him. 

This year (age 6) his teacher told us his slow reading/writing progress in Prep level would probably delay his start into Grade 1 and encouraged us to visit the ENT. Hearing results were a shock: mild to medium hearing impairment, and no ear drum bounce (tympanogram). Advice from ENT was grommets surgery, with no guarantees. 

My intuition said NO, and I recalled how his neck/head were squashed after birth and needing a chiropractic adjustment at the age of 3 months to unlock his head so he could turn it from side to side. I had a feeling his hearing was impaired due to his skull/neck alignment, and it pressing onto his eardrum. 

So, I chose for 1 school term to try chiropractic, and see if this could make a difference. 

Within weeks, Sebastian was writing and reading was much better, and he was ramping up quickly. By the end of the term, he had caught up to his peers. When we returned to the audiologist, she was SHOCKED – both his hearing and tympanogram levels were NORMAL !!! ENT was baffled.

We met with my son’s teacher, and she confirmed that his reading and writing had greatly improved as well, and he was okay to proceed to Grade 1. 

We are so happy, because not only can our son hear properly now, we avoided unnecessary surgery and we corrected his skeletal alignment early. His confidence levels are soaring, and he does not ask us to repeat words anymore.

Ms. Samantha Leo, Singapore
The hectic weekend (and wearing heels) has done quite a big damage to my lower back, couldn't straighten my back at all and in serious pain, almost like how it was when I first encounter a slipped disc. Feeling so much better now with a straightened back after being adjusted by my chiropractor, Dr. Kelvin Ng. Thank you!
Ms. Sanira Pillai, Singapore
At around 34 weeks of pregnancy, I learnt that my baby was in a transverse position and after much research, I came to your clinic for 2 sessions of Webster technique. Thankfully, Baby turned head down by 38 weeks and I had a normal delivery. Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service and help. Thank you n may God bless you abundantly!     
Mr. Loi Wai Heng, Singapore
For the longest of times, I have been plagued by various back pains from neck, shoulders and lower back. Perhaps the worst of the effects is the frequent head splitting migraine I have had for almost a decade. Having paracetamol with me and taking it frequently is a norm to me. I had already relented that this is how my life would be. Living on painkillers.

During the third quarter of 2011 I had an incident that made me decide to look for a solution. I had a blackout in the eyes while driving my car. This happened after I had turned my head to check for oncoming vehicles. As I moved off, my vision faded, my consciousness felt like snapping. I immediately stepped on the brakes, but luckily the vision returned and consciousness soothed back in. It was one of the biggest scare in my life.

In my distrust of western medical solutions, I went for TCM acupuncture and tuina. For about a year it provided me relief and slight improvement to the situation. My migraine condition improved in a way that the pain no longer stretches from the back of the entire skull to the eyebrow, the migraine somehow reduced its area of affliction. Nonetheless, the migraine still occurs frequently and routinely; the weight of the pain no less irritating and still affects my mood.

Finally, towards the end of 2012, an old friend spoke to me about Dr Kelvin (Family Health Chiropractic Clinic Singapore) and how it improved his condition. I was still sceptical and insistent on TCM, but after a few months of persistent nagging from my friend, I decided to try out after 2013 Chinese New Year.

I still remember first time when I met Dr Kelvin, he checked me and carefully explained the condition of my spine. It was then I realised the simple causes of all the pain that I was suffering. In the first session itself I was surprised he detected all my problem areas because I didn’t specify all of them as I concentrated on explaining my migraine and lower back pain. Dr Kelvin detected a center segment of my spine as misaligned and immediately acted to align it. I was surprised, I immediately felt, or rather, did not feel any more pain in that area.

I gained confidence there on with Dr Kelvin there on. In the following month of treatment which I attended consistently once a week, I start to notice my migraine no longer occur. I was jubilant and continued my treatment. In the months since Chinese New Year till now, most of my irritating back pains are gone. There are still some very minute aching but it’s mostly habitual effects of my postures and job nature.

In between the treatments, I also met with an unfortunate accident in my car and sustained whiplash. On the very next day Dr Kelvin immediately arranged a slot despite being full on schedule to treat me. By the time I reached his clinic, I was unable to turn my head as my neck muscles felt like all swollen. Dr Kelvin checked on me and applied his treatment. At the end of the treatment, he showed me his report while seated beside me, and I unknowingly turned my head effortlessly. I was truly shocked.

Nonetheless, in conclusion, the greatest joy I have now is really to be able to tell my family, friends and colleagues I no longer have migraine! I am truly thankful to Dr Kelvin, and this write up is truly my appreciation and gratitude to him.

I wish Dr Kelvin all the best!
Thank You!
Mr Matthew Hii, Tax Consultant, Singapore
My left hand is a hundred times stronger than it used to be. I have only you to thank for everything. Your recommended self exercises have become my life routine.
Ms Michelle Mohlman, Singapore:

Heading to the Dr- little one says how much she wants to go to the dr and lie down on the bed, and drive the car around. I realize she's not talking about our GP but about our chiropractor, Dr. Kelvin Ng Say Koon at Family Health Chiropractic Clinic Singapore. That's how awesome he is with kids (and adults, and pregnant ladies)!
Yahui Ng, Singapore:
Hi Dr Kelvin, I'm really so glad that I was under your chiro care when I had a hairline crack in my ribs at about 34 weeks pregnant. I would like to share with you that I've delivered my baby girl on 5 Jan 2012. She weights 3.955kg and I'm so thankful for a natural birth without epidural. Couldn't hv done it without your help in bringing healing to my fractured rib. Thanks Dr! :)
Timothy, Singapore (9 years old):
Dear Uncle Dr Kelvin,
Thank you so much for helping me with my neck stiffness some months ago. I was happy that after 4 visits to you, it went away. Also, thank you for moving my neck and head so that my eyes can move in the right way when a pen is close to my nose!! I also like your office very much. I think your bench you let me rest on is super cool.
Oh yes, and the toys are nice and it is nice playing with your son! Also, hope to be a pro in bowling like you. : )
Thank you so much !

A Man U fan like you,



Mr Eugene Lim, Captain of Aquathlon Team, SMU, Singapore:

Being a triathlete means I am constantly putting my body through high level of stress every single day. I constantly had nagging pains in my neck, lower back and feet. These pains affected my training and worst, my performance during races. As training intensified in preparation of key races, i also wished that my body could recover faster so that i would feel fresh for the next training session.
I was introduced to Dr Kelvin around mid 2010 and I immediately felt his genuinity in helping me to resolve my problems. I was not new to chiropractic as I was previously under another chiropractor. Yet, the big difference was that Dr Kelvin displayed more professionalism and was much more knowledgeable in chiropractic. He is always exact in pointing out and resolving my issues. As he was also an active student athlete, I felt that i can communicate very well with him. He is very supportive of our current generation of student athletes who aim to seek a balance in both studies and sports.
His sessions were of short term and long term benefits. He can resolve immediate pains, very much like an instant pain reliever. Concurrently, he also make adjustments that will has tremendous benefits such as being able to push harder during training and races, recovering faster after work out and also aid me in achieving academic excellence.
One of my proudest moment came when i was racing in the 2010 Ironman 70.3 Asia Pacific Championship in Phuket, Thailand. After months of care from Dr Kelvin, I was able to put in my best and an excellent performance in what is, one of the hardest triathlon course in the region. Thank you, Dr Kelvin!
Mr Mark Chen, IT Business Owner, Singapore:
Thank you for helping me recover from my neck pain problem.
I have been getting this neck pain problem for many years, which usually happens once a year and will go off after a week. Early this year, I had the neck pain again but the pain did not go away. Instead, it became worse. I went to TCM Doctor and medical clinic but none of these helped.

After about a month the pain got so bad that I had to go to the Alexandra Hospital to get my neck checked. At the hospital, X-rays of my neck was taken and the doctor said that the bone was not straight and a disc was protruding out. I quickly asked for a cure and the doctor told me the only way is to go through an operation where they will cut out the protruding disc. An MRI scan was scheduled 1 month later, but was delayed till 3 months later due to work. The pain got so bad that I could not sleep well. I had to sleep sitting up. I could not work properly and was in a bad mood most of the time.

My wife searched the internet and found that Chiropractic had work for people in my situation and I decided to learn more about Chiropractic on the internet. We chose Dr. Kelvin Ng because he is a Singaporean and had graduated with top honors in his university. After visiting Dr. Ng on the first day, there was a slight improvement. The pain did not go away on the spot and I still felt the pain. However, that night was the first in a while that I was able to sleep through the night.

After a few visits the pain gradually became lesser and more manageable. By the time I went for my MRI scan almost 3 months later, I was almost recovered.The orthopedic doctor was amazed that I have recovered and even got a second opinion from a senior doctor. Now I do not have to go through operation.

I am fully recovered now and see Dr. Ng about once a month for maintenance care. I have recommended a few of my friends to Dr. Ng. They are getting better under his care.
Mr Lor Wei Jie, Singapore:
I was serving my national service when I 1st consulted Dr Kelvin Ng regarding my injuries. I was suffering from lower back pain, swollen knees and constant toe numbness. I had previously sustained these injuries when I was overseas and these problems were aggravated during my national service. Though I was medically downgraded and was recommended to many specialists in government hospitals, these problems did not go away. These problems gave me endless nights of sleeplessness and I could not focus on my work.
After I started my consultation with Dr Kelvin Ng, my problems subsided and improved gradually with treatment.  Throughout the phase of treatment, I noticed that my body reflexes were better and were responding well to the adjustments. I felt more energized during working hours and no longer have to take short naps. My work efficiency also improved as I am able to stay focused and have no problems working longer hours.

Before consulting chiropractic care, I was constantly bugged by my problems and never seemed to find a solution to it despite consulting multiple medical specialist and Chinese doctors. They were only able stem the problems but unable to find the root of it. After few months of intensive treatment with Dr Kelvin Ng, these problems never recurred again and I felt better than ever.

As I consulted Dr Kelvin Ng, during my national service, I realize the importance of chiropractic care as army trainings often results in serious injuries. With proper chiropractic care, injuries such as slip disc, dislocated joints can be avoided.

Being a sincere and dedicated Chiropractor, Dr Kelvin Ng guided me patiently through my long recovery process and always accommodated to my erratic schedules. He always explains his stuffs thoroughly and ensures that all problems are fixed before each consultation ends.

Ms Low Poo Chyn, Audit Manager, Singapore:
Great thanks to Dr. Kelvin for his dedicated consultation and alignment for restoring my happy days. After 2 consultation, I feel more energetic daily and no more recurrence of migrane, numbness in fingers and pain at neck & shoulder from my hectic auditing work. The most wonderful thing: migrane and sleepy is no longer my weekends past time. Life is great when your spine is well aligned.
Mr Ashley Liew, Undergraduate, Singapore:

As an endurance athlete I often train twice daily. This contributes to frequent tightness especially in my neck and lower back. Worse still, my range of motion is sometimes affected due to structure misalignment arising from intense workouts.

However since I was introduced to Dr Kelvin, chiropractic has become a regular component of my routine. After each session I immediately feel more flexible in previously tight areas. My times in training and competition have also since improved in part due to regular chiropractic adjustments. Now I know why world-class athletes like Lance Armstrong and Paula Radcliffe see chiropractic as an invaluable form of performance and preventative enhancement!

Ms Ranji David, Business Owner, Singapore

Thank you Dr. Kelvin for keeping my family on the straight and narrow (or our spines, at least!!) and for actually loving being in the business of healthcare *and* peoplecare!

Ms Anneke van Zanten, Retiree, Switzerland:
Great doctor, quiet, knowledgeable, measured approach, looks at the patient and not merely at the symptoms. I am pleased, I think you will be too! 


Nicholas Pang, Civil Servant, Singapore:

Looking back, chiropractic treatment has done wonders. I haven’t got backache for sometime, as compared to pre-chiro days with nagging ache.

Mr Kenny Leow, Regional Director, Singapore:

Since my son was born, his head always tilted to one side. As a result of this, turning his head to the side was a challenge and his shoulder will tilt to one side whenever he walked. Before seeing Dr. Ng, my wife and I had brought him to various therapists for treatment. Other than making him cry loudly, the therapies had no positive results on his situation.

My son’s first session with Dr. Ng simply changed everything. He was able to walk normally for the first time and his shoulder no longer tilted one side. He was able to turn his head to the left and right completely. To me, it was a miracle on the spot and I could say, he was almost 95% recovered.

That session convinced me that Chiropractic treatment was the way to go. Without a second thought, I got under chiropractic care as well. After my first session with Dr. Ng, I was able to walk without customized foot insoles for the first time in ten years. I was really shocked but happy.

My son, wife and I are now under Dr. Ng’s care and I will definitely recommend everybody to be under Chiropractic care, especially with him.
The David Family (Darryl, Christina & Immanuel), Singapore:
We first came across Dr Ng when Christina’s ex-classmate emailed some articles he had written on chiropractic care for kids. Right now, the entire family (daddy, mummy and baby) sees Dr Ng for adjustments as part of our family’s holistic well-being. Dr Ng has managed to treat each of us for our specific concerns effectively and attentively. 
We are really impressed with Dr Ng’s dedication and passion in chiro care, as well as his concern for his clients. He has great bedside manners, is friendly and takes the time and effort to explain the treatment every step of the way. He doesn’t rush through his sessions and makes us feel that we are well cared for. His attention to detail is fantastic. 
We are most impressed with how Dr Ng handles and treats our 2 year old son, Manny. Although Dr Ng is very professional with his treatment, his practice feels like a nice friendly family environment. We are really glad to have met him and his lovely family, and we have recommended him to our family members and friends. We look forward to our regular sessions with Dr Ng, and we wish him all the success that he rightfully deserves.


Goh Ai Hwa, Senior Deputy Director, Singapore:

I was introduced to Dr Kelvin Ng in March this year. I contemplated seeing a chiropractor for a while as I was then suffering from stiff and painful (right) shoulder for about a year. Both the range of movement and strength were affected. I was unable to lift my right hand up above my shoulder. I was unable to bend it to the back and I was not even able to hold a one-litre bottle with my right hand alone.

My threshold for pain is quite low and the thought of going to a bonesetter scares me as I still remember vividly the severe pain I had to endure when I had my left shoulder fixed about 3 years ago.

When I heard about the sessions my friend had with Dr Kelvin Ng and the positive results he experienced, I knew I had to give it a shot. Even that, I recalled checking with my friend on the details of what was done and how it was done to be sure that it was not going to hurt at all before I made my first appointment.

I am pleased to report that I was pleasantly surprised by the gentleness in the way Dr Ng carried out the adjustments. I also learnt a lot from Dr Ng about some of the major misalignments I have on my spine and how they might have caused certain symptoms which I experienced but did not have a clue how they came about.

After the first session, I already felt some relief in the tightness of the shoulder. The range of movement improved. After 2 or 3 sessions, I surprised myself one evening when I suddenly realised that I had just lifted my right shoulder to touch my cheek. I was so excited and tried lifting the filled water jar with my right hand alone. And you guessed it right… I was able to do lift the water jar with one hand, my right hand!

I continued to see Dr Ng on a regular basis for a couple more weeks to be sure that the body and spine get used to the corrected position and stay in position. Quite a number of my other issues, like migraine or tension headache, knee pain, low back pain etc, were also resolved along the way. I recalled once I had a dull pain at the root of my head. With some slight adjustment of my skull bone, the pain miraculously went away. I used to have tired and aching body when I travel and often needed the masseur to work on specific areas whenever I grabbed a chance for a massage session. During my recent trip to China, it was when the masseur asked me which areas I wanted her to work on more, and as I scanned through my body mentally I realised that I did not have any specific issues for her to work on!

Now I see Dr Ng on a monthly basis for general health and well being as I learnt that if the spine (and hence the whole skeletal system) is in good shape (misalignment is reduced, spinal nerve is restored), the body functions more effectively and efficiently.
Gill Gregory, Retiree, Moore, South Carolina (SC), USA:
I have been a patient of Dr Kelvin Ng for approximately 2 years. I have found him to be very professional and thorough. He always has a smile and is very positive in this treatments. Most of our visits have ended with me being much better in mind and body. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a sincere and dedicated chiropractor.”

Linda Martz (RNC-NIC NNP-BC), Registered Nurse, South Carolina, USA:

Dr Kelvin Ng will do very well in his chosen profession. He shows concern and sympathy for his clients. He is especially “tuned in” to clients’ needs and concerns. His abilities are gentle and he is effective with his adjustments. He is going to be an asset to health care.”

Evi Lakis, Student, South Carolina, USA:
It’s very obvious that Dr Kelvin Ng loves what he does. If his consistent good mood and warm smile at work isn’t evident enough, his thorough practice and talks of his future endeavors using chiropractic confirms it.

Dr Kelvin’s genuine kindness to his patients made going to the chiropractor a pleasure, and not something that had to be done. He treated each of his patients as if they were his only patient and took as much time as needed to get the perfect adjustment done. He took interest in his patients’ personal life and listened to the point of being able to ask about it in the next visit. He encouraged his patients to think about taking up chiropractic because of how much he loves it.

He worked around his patients’ schedule, rather than his own and is good about keeping in touch via email. Although having bones adjusted is a scary thing, Dr Kelvin made it easy to trust him and be comfortable with him. Dr Kelvin Ng is not only one of the best doctors I’ve ever met, but also one of the best people I’ve ever met.”

Ms Candy Yap, Senior System Analyst, Singapore:

I’ve had headache and diarrhea for a couple of years and because I’m allergic to most type of pain killers, there’s nothing much I can do other than tolerating the pain. Just a few months ago, Dr. Kelvin came to my company to give us a talk on Chiropractic. He even brought along a portable adjusting table to do a quick check on our spine and he told me that the alignment of my 2nd bone on my neck is out and one of my legs is shorter than the other. So I decided to make an appointment and went to see Dr. Kelvin right after Chinese New Year.

Straight after the 1st session, my headache and diarrhea are gone. I no longer wake up with a headache, no longer have frequent diarrhea and I sleep much better at night. Now even when I go for my Capoeira session or other sports, I don’t feel tired and my ankles don’t really ache anymore. I must really thank Dr. Kelvin for fixing all my aches and pains.”

Ms Irene Tan, Administrator, Singapore:

Before I went to Dr Kelvin Ng, I was having a lot of health problems, such as knee pain, constipation, indigestion, low back and shoulder pain, stiff neck and numbness in my fingers. I used to fall sick quite often. Whenever I fall sick, I take a long time to recover. There is always a sharp, piercing pain in my knees whenever I climb up and down the stairs. My low back would hurt constantly, worse when I am sleeping and the pain would wake me up in the middle of the night almost every night. As a result, I am unable to get restful sleep.

Ever since I started chiropractic care at Dr Kelvin’s clinic, I no longer experience pain in my knees. As my back now no longer hurts, I can now sleep through the night without waking up. What is even more surprising is this: I used to have difficulty walking fast. After getting under chiropractic care, I can now run! My bowel movements are now very regular as my digestive system is working much better. The numbness in my fingers and stiffness in my neck are gone too!

Lately, I was down with flu and I was surprised that I recovered within a very short time this time. I am very happy to have met Dr Kelvin. His magical hands have allowed me to not only be free from all the pain that I used to have for years, they have also helped me improve my overall health tremendously. I am now a happier and healthier person. As a firm believer of chiropractic, I have recommended many friends and relatives to Dr Kelvin and I strongly recommend you to visit his clinic too.

Mr Desmond Woo, Programme Manager, Singapore:

I have known Dr Kelvin Ng for more than 10 years since our army days. He has always been a sincere and reliable friend. Many years back, when I learnt that he was giving up his high paying job to pursue a career in Chiropractic, I was full of admiration for his courage and passion.

Prior to treatment, I had a persisting stiff neck and shoulders that started ever since I injured myself about 15 years ago. The pain gradually got from bad to worse over the years due to bad sitting and sleeping posture. At one point, my right hand was too weak to lift up. The pain and the stiffness affected my daily activities. I felt tired and sleepy easily and on a bad day, I could hardly focus on my work. It is very frustrating. Movement of the head is not only a challenge but limited also.

I have tried several treatment alternatives. However, none of them was sustainable. Most of them, for example Chinese Massage, only relieved the pain momentarily.

Hence I decided to approach Dr Kelvin Ng for Chiropractic treatment after doing some research on it. I like the way chiropractic approaches health – it is natural and no medication is required. From the first few session, I could already feel changes in my body. Some muscle groups felt slightly sore after the first few adjustments, but quite understandably so, as these muscles, which have not been used for years due to misalignments in my spine, are now being put to use. The improvements became more significant as sessions follow. I never felt so much relief for a very long time. The pain that I have been having gradually subsided and my range of motion improved.

Before I started chiropractic care, I encountered pain in my neck and shoulders very often largely due to poor sleeping posture and long business flights. When such pains happen, it usually last for weeks. I am surprised that after starting chiropractic care with Dr Kelvin Ng, my body seems to be more dynamic. I still feel short periods of pain occasionally due to bad posture (which I am trying to correct) and travelling. However, I am amazed how after starting chiropractic care, my body is able to readjust and heal within a few hours to a day.

I am making good progress now. Feeling more energetic, I can spend more time with my family and focus better during work.

Mr Chua T C, Market Assistant, Singapore:

I have been having trouble with my right wrist since January 2010. It started off as a mild numbness in my fingers (1/10) and then progressively became worse to the point where all my fingers became very numb (9/10). Other than the numbness, my whole hand would also become very weak. I have tried TCM and tuina which did not help with my condition. I have also seen an orthopedic doctor who wanted me to go for surgery. I was very worried as without the use of my right hand, I will lose my job as an assistant at a wet market. As the numbness and weakness got more serious each day, I found lifting my knife to chop fish into pieces more and more difficult till it is almost impossible. I almost had to quit my job!

I could not believe that after seeing Dr. Kelvin for the first time, the numbness in my finger reduced by half and the strength in my right hand returned by more than 50%. This happened without the use of any medication or surgery! I have seen Dr. Kelvin for about 3 times now and the numbness in my wrist has gone from a scale of 9/10 to 0.5/10 and the strength in my hand has totally returned. I am very amazed by the results I achieved through Dr. Kelvin’s adjustments. It feels really good to finally be able to feel with my fingers and thumb again.

I have recommended Dr Kelvin’s services to other colleagues at the wet market. Looking back, I should have gone to Dr Kelvin when I first started having my wrist problems.

Mr Ken Tan, Aerobics Instructor and Fitness Trainer, Singapore:

Being a highly active individual who engages in lots of fitness activities, I have felt my system getting more and more in need of a highly qualified professional who is able to help me address my aching problems (heavens, no Physio!!!). Getting to know Dr Kelvin Ng through a road show allowed me to be further convinced that I made the right choice as I have always wanted to visit a Chiropractor, though I never knew who to go to. My aching bone and nerve problems have diminished slowly and the frequency of occurences have reduced significantly. The aim has always been to go through daily activities (and of course, my fitness routines) without feeling inadequacies. I am indeed very happy that there is this one individual who is dedicated to help others. Defintely gonna recommend him to more people!!!

Ms Colleen Simmonds, Yoga Instructor, Singapore:

Chiropractic works! One of my girls went to Dr.Ng for a consult (on Webster technique) and she said today her (breech) baby had turned and was in a great position for the birth – she is already 38 weeks. Thanks, Dr. Kelvin, you are my hero today!

Mdm Yeo T.I., 73, Retiree, Singapore:
Before I came to see Dr Kelvin, I was having aches and pain all over my body and bending over to pick things up is always a challenge. I used to beat my shoulder and low back muscles very often as it was always achy. I thought this is part of the aging process. I also often hear loud clicks in my neck when I turn my head to the side. In addition, my blood pressure has been very erratic for years and it would fluctuate drastically throughout the day. I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure. 
Since Dr Kelvin started treating me, I have seen many improvements. I no longer have the aches and pains in my shoulder and back and I don’t hear the clicks in my neck anymore. I am surprised that my blood pressure has remained very consistent throughout the day and I am very happy about that. I have told most of my friends about Dr Kelvin and recommended that they come and get their spines checked.

Mdm Yeow Mooi Gaik, Singapore:

I suffered frequent giddy spells following a car accident in 1996. At Singapore General Hospital, the doctors could not find any problems with me. Subsequently, I was sent for a year of physiotherapy.  Additionally, I consulted medical specialists in Tan Tock Seng Hospital and was prescribed anti-giddiness medication. For many years, I had dutifully taken the anti-giddiness pills whenever I felt giddy. However, I did not feel any better and felt that the symptomatic approach to my problem is not going to end it.

My sister is a patient at Family Health Chiropractic Clinic and recommends that I consult with Dr. Kelvin Ng. Dr. Ng examined my neck on my first visit and he was spot on when he asked if I have recurrent episodes of giddy spells. My confidence in his expertise grew. After several weekly visits to his clinic, I have not experienced another giddy spell since. I am continuing with wellness care in his clinic now.

I brought my two sons to see Dr. Ng too. My eldest son had injured himself in a game of sport and had experienced severe lower back pain. Doctors at KKH had recommended an operation to cure him. However, Dr Kelvin Ng had given my son several chiropractic adjustments and now, he is pain-free.  My second son is 12 years old. Dr. Ng discovered he has scoliosis but it was not diagnosed in any of the childhood health-checks in school. Currently, he has regular chiropractic adjustments to correct the curve in his spine.

Dr. Ng always takes time to explain to us our conditions and the chiropractic adjustments he would perform on us. My family and I are grateful for his help.

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