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Our experience with Chiropractic

This marks the first entry to my blog as a doctor of chiropractic. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to share my personal experience with chiropractic and how chiropractic changed the lives of my wife Joanne and I.

Before I became a chiropractor, I was a CPA with a Big 4 accounting firm in Singapore. Joanne and I have been married for 8 years and you would think that for married couples, starting a family is an easy thing to do. For most people, it probably is but it wasn’t for us. For 5 years after we got married, Joanne and I tried starting a family but to no success. We spent all our fortune on medical procedures that bear no results and our gynecologist then told us that having a baby of our own was out of the question.

After arriving in America, and 3 months after Joanne started chiropractic care, we defied all odds and “miraculously” became pregnant. Today, my son, Jay Ler is a charming 21 month old. Having a baby of our own is the most wonderful gift that chiropractic and our chiropractor in USA, Dr Bill Decken have given me and my family.

Our case was a classic example that chiropractic works!

It shows how powerful chiropractic is. Joanne had never been under chiropractic care before she went to USA. This means that she had been walking around subluxated all her life. Like any thing you can find on a body (e.g. organs, muscles, ligaments etc), the reproductive system is controlled by the nervous system. When this system is free of nerve interference, it will work normally because the brain is able to communicate with the system to tell it what to do, in this case, to conceive. When certain segments of the spine with corresponding nerves going to this system become misaligned, they subject these nerves to great stress, thereby interfering with the communication between the brain and the reproductive system. This was what happened to Joanne and infertility results.

Looking back, it made sense that the fertility treatments that we went through didn’t bring any success, because none of the treatments that we went through addressed the cause of the problem (i.e. nerve interference). Only chiropractic did and it did wonders! The chiropractic adjustments that Joanne received removed the stresses on nerves going to her reproductive system. This restored the communication between her brain and her reproductive system, thereby enabling her to conceive when all other ingredients are right. That is how she defied all odds to become pregnant. The medical diagnosis on Joanne was that the endometriosis that she had been suffering from caused her fallopian tubes to be completely blocked. How then is it now possible for her fallopian tubes to become unblocked and become pregnant? If it was not chiropractic that helped her, I do not know what did.

Chiropractic just made too much sense, doesn’t it?