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Why “Family”?

A patient asked me yesterday why my clinic is called Family Health Chiropractic Clinic. I thought this is an excellent chance for me to explain to anyone who cares to know.

I personally believe that chiropractic is not just for someone with aches and pains. Chiropractic should be for the family. Chiropractic care should start from the time a person is conceived, i.e. while the mummy is pregnant. A conducive environment is essential for the baby to grow so that he/she gets the most nutrition possible and he/she can get into the best position for mummy’s big push. Having a well-aligned pelvis helps make labor easier, thus reducing the need for medical intervention. This makes it less stressful for both the mum and the baby.

Most people do not know that the birth process can be a rather stressful event for the baby. The baby’s spine can be stretched or twisted and this puts alot of stress for the infant’s nervous system. If undetected and uncorrected, this can pose health problems for the infant down the road. As they grow, it is unevitable for them to fall (alot!!!) and take knocks and carry heavy bags and these further put their nervous system to stress. Most people walk around subluxated (since young) all their life and do nothing about it until they start to feel aches and pains. Why not bring pregnant ladies and infants to a chiropractor to have their spines checked?

It is with this belief that I chose to be a family chiropractor. I named my clinic “Family Health Chiropractic Clinic” for 2 reasons. First, I am trained and certified to provide chiropractic care to babies and pregnant women and I believe that everyone in the family should get under care. Secondly, I treat all my patients like my family members and I want them to be healthy. Afterall, the best gift that you can ever give to a child, in my opinion, is a healthy nervous system and this can be achieved via chiropractic.