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The New Norm

Since the circuit breaker (“CB”) started in April 2020, many have been working from home (“WFH”). This appears to be a new norm for long while for most of them, or maybe even a permanent one for some.

Unlike our office, our homes are generally designed for relaxation and family time. Due to the lack of ergonomic consideration, many will inevitably be subjecting their spines to a lot of stress during this period. We noticed that patients who have returned after the CB was lifted in June 2020 mostly complained of neck and back pain due to the WFH arrangements. Many shared that for months, they had to sit on the floor, or their bed, to work on their laptops, while others had to make do with make shift dining table. Are even share their children’s study table. Are you one of them?

So, what is the ideal ergonomic set up to avoid stressing the spine? This infographic below gives a good illustration.


If you foresee that the WFH arrangement is going to be a long-term arrangement, it might be worth investing in some ergonomic furniture that can save your neck and back. If you need a recommendation for good place to get your furniture, please feel free to contact us as we have a collaboration with an ergonomic furniture supplier.

A few key things to take note:

  1. When choosing a chair, make sure the seat pan is suitable for your built. Most ladies have a shorter femur, hence a chair with a shorter seat pan is recommended. As a quick check, make sure that when you are sitting on the chair, you are able to sit all the way back where your back is touching the back of the chair (“back to back”), and the corner of the chair is not jabbing into your knees.
  2. If your Budget allows, consider getting an adjustable table. Otherwise, a chair that is adjustable. That way, you can adjust the height of the chair to match the table height. Use the picture as a guide when setting up your table and chair.
  3. If you have an adjustable table, do alternate between sitting and standing when working.
  4. If sitting is the only choice, do take breaks every hour. Just stand up and walk around or do some simple stretches.

If you are experiencing recurring discomfort due to WFH, it is possible that you may be experiencing the effects of spinal misalignments.

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