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My sister’s chiropractic experience

Some say family members can be the most difficult customers. But on the flip side, they can also be the best customers.

As a chiropractor, I always believe in walking the talk. While I always encourage my patients to get their spines checked regularly, I make it a point to check my family members just as regularly.

They may not be the most patient to listen to my explanation of chiropractic but when they really experience what chiropractic can offer, it’s priceless!

My sister started receiving chiropractic care as soon as I returned from the USA in 2009. She sprung me a surprise yesterday when she sent me this testimonial:

This is a long overdue post. Over the years, I have talked to mostly close friends about my condition and how chiropractic has helped myself and my sis-in-law, yet I have never shared on a public forum. There is this small part of me who would overthink, will others believe fully what I say because this chiropractor Dr Kelvin is my very own brother? So I never got to telling people much because I was afraid of others thinking I was trying to sell. During a recent gathering, I realized that many couples face fertility issues (and they usually just go for the invasive and artificial IVF procedure) and thought, why not share my story and hope it may help others too?

For more than 10 years since I was in my early twenties, I did not have periods at all. I have lost count of the number of private and government western specialists and TCMs I have seen, be it gynae or fertility specialists, what have you. Not to mention the amount of money I have spent down the bottomless drain. No one could diagnose my condition nor put a finger to why I had this condition. The most likely cause was PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) but then again, I did not have the typical symptoms and doctors have ruled this out as well. The only thing they could do was to put me on long term hormone or ovulation pills just to artificially induce the periods so that the shedding could happen as it should have been. So I dutifully just kept taking those pills for the longest time. They made me temperamental, feel bloated and awful but there was no other way out. Each time I stopped those pills, trying to see if my body would self-regulate, it never happened. So I had to go back to those pills even though I simply dreaded it. It got to a point where there was one day I got so sick of it all, constantly seeing doctors to get my regular supply and popping those pills that I just decided to stop taking them altogether. It just happened that by this time, my brother had just returned from US from his Chiropractor studies and he insisted that I regularly get adjusted by him.

I have heard that my sis-in-law had fertility issues, went through TCM and even IVF but did not have a child for 10 whole years until she got chiropractic care. Nevertheless, at that time, I just brushed it aside, did not think too much about it nor placed any hope. In fact, I have already resigned myself to not having a kid and I frankly shared that early with my then boyfriend who fortunately did not mind at all. Even when my periods came back naturally after a while, I was amazed deep down but did not dare to think that it meant my fertility was all okay.

Miraculously, immediately after I got married, I conceived 2 kids in succession. Life went on and I took things for granted during my first pregnancy. Due to busy work schedule, I subsequently missed out on regular chiropractic sessions. My baby still had not turned around at a very late stage and my gynae said I would have to consider C-sect. That was the wake-up call and I turned to my brother again. As the very calm persona he always has been, he just said, “don’t worry, come for more regular adjustments and you will be fine”. Indeed, my first born turned in time and I was able to give birth naturally and without epidural. Same went for my second child.

Who would have imagined? From a medical mystery to someone who could conceive and give birth to 2 beautiful kids. Chiropractic is not your traditional western field and not all may believe it. During adjustments, sometimes I don’t even feel much, just a few taps here and there and it is done. But if you have experienced the result and seen the miracle yourself, you just know it works.”

Chiropractic has been widely used to treat musculoskeletal issues. However, patients receiving regular chiropractic care often reported experiencing other abundant benefits that is beyond pain or discomfort, for example, increased energy, better mood, improved immune system, better range of motions, and better performing body functions.

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