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Does your child belong to the Generation C?

What is Generation C?

Generation C basically refers to Tech Neck Generation, where forward head posture is prevalent. A study by Chandoliya et al in 2021 found that 73% of school aged children have forward head posture, and 36% have severe head posture.

It’s a first world problem where kids are given smart devices at such young age, and they start to position their heads in front of their head for extended periods of time as early as a year old. When that happens, the spine starts to be conditioned to develop in the wrong way. Their neck muscles then have to work much harder that they should at that age and over time, the wrong muscle memory is formed and the wrong muscle and spinal development follows.

It’s thus no surprise that as a Chiropractor who also provides pediatric care, I am seeing more and more parents bringing in their children for chiropractic care. Amongst the various reasons (such as neck pain, back pain, headache etc) are concerns about their children’s posture.

Postural Correction

The tech neck syndrome is a concern that will definitely get worse, and that is a motivation for me to do more for my pediatric patients. Recently I completed the Certified Pediatric Posture Specialist Program conducted by the American Posture Institute. With this new certification, I am now equipped with more tools to help the “Generation C” with their postural stresses, or better known as posture distortion patterns, in addition to the gentle chiropractic care that we provide. Briefly, the Pediatric Postural Correction System comprises 3 components, namely structural correction, neurological stimulation and behavioral integration.

If you wish to find out more about the posture correction program, please contact us at 6336 7714 or Whatsapp us at 8198 8248, or drop us an email at info@familyhealthchiro.sg

Dr Kelvin Ng
Doctor of Chiropractic
Clinical Director

(Note: Chiropractic qualification is not a medical or dental qualification)