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Here's what our patients say about us:

Dr. Kelvin Ng

Great doctor, quiet, knowledgeable, measured approach, looks at the patient and not merely at the symptoms. I am pleased, I think you will be too!
Ms Anneke van Zanten
Retiree, Switzerland
Heading to the Dr- little one says how much she wants to go to the dr and lie down on the bed, and drive the car around. I realize she's not talking about our GP but about our chiropractor, Dr. Kelvin Ng Say Koon at Family Health Chiropractic Clinic Singapore. That's how awesome he is with kids (and adults, and pregnant ladies)!
Ms Michelle Mohlman
It has been about 9 years since Dr Kelvin was working on me while he was a Chiropractic intern at the Health Centre of Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg South Carolina. I went to him before my pregnancy and was still a patient when I became pregnant. I have had 5 losses in the 6 years before. When I told Dr Kelvin about this, he reassured me he would do his best to help me. Long story short, I had my Trinity at 6 months along and she was 2lbs 14oz with ZERO health issues. I took her home when she was 3lbs 9oz!!! Scary day! The docs could not figure out how I was able to carry her to that term when I had lost so many before her. I believe Dr Kelvin was the key. I faithfully got treatment and he faithfully took care of me!!! Thank you Dr Kelvin! Trinity is now a healthy 3rd grader full of life!!!
Ms Anna Harmon
South Carolina, USA

Dr. Ashley Liew

The care I have received from Ashley has been the BEST EVER received from ANY professional doctor care, EVER! He has helped me more than any other doctor. My headaches are the best they have ever been, fewest I have had. He has made me more aware of things to watch for and be aware of. He can make me feel so much better without drugs, only using a very small amount of force from chiropractic adjustments. I have told all my friends about the Sherman College Health Centre and how much they have helped me. One of the most important issues is that his time is spent with you and for you. He always asks about how things are going, as well as how things have been from last time to now. He gives 100% to his patients! Table side manner is the greatest! Health care would not be in the problems they are in today if more doctors would approach their patients like Ashley. We hate to lose him [upon graduation from Sherman] but know that the next doctor here will be as nice, because everyone here has been that way.
Cynthia Rinehart
20 Sep 2016
I never had chiropractic care prior to coming to the Sherman College Health Centre. I suffered from chronic migraines since high school, as well as low back pain. Thanks to Ashley’s care, my migraines have virtually disappeared and the low back pain has been well managed.
Roberto Marrero
1 Oct 2016

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