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Dr. Ashley Liew

(Prior to chiropractic care) Calista had been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, as well as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, in addition to suffering from a serious and bothersome case of Restless Legs Syndrome which often caused more anxiety for her and prevented sound sleep. Under Dr. Liew’s care, Calista has become calmer, more centred, and above all after a couple adjustments no longer has any trace of restless legs! She sleeps better and now has a more contented outlook of life. We will continue with chiropractic care in order to preserve and enhance these benefits for a lifetime.
Calista Holmes
(testimonial written on her behalf by patient’s mother), 30 Sep 2016
There are many positive changes that have been made since the beginning of my chiropractic care. I have experienced less pain and discomfort in not only my head and lower back, but my entire body. I have fewer headaches and nerve pain, as well as an overall better quality and outlook on life. I have more motivation and optimism to take on each day I live and could not be happier about this fact. I keep coming to chiropractic care because life is too short to live in constant pain that could easily be prevented. Dr. Ashley Liew has made it possible for me to move past my injuries and discomfort while expressing genuine care, and for that I’m forever grateful!
Ashly Sutherland
20 Oct 2016
Dr. Liew has been helpful in improving my mobility after back surgery. The benefits of chiropractic are positive and I look forward to the weekly visits. My wife and I consider Dr. Liew a good friend and inspiration to better our health and fitness.
Jerry Rinehart
20 Sep 2016
The care I have received from Ashley has been the BEST EVER received from ANY professional doctor care, EVER! He has helped me more than any other doctor. My headaches are the best they have ever been, fewest I have had. He has made me more aware of things to watch for and be aware of. He can make me feel so much better without drugs, only using a very small amount of force from chiropractic adjustments. I have told all my friends about the Sherman College Health Centre and how much they have helped me. One of the most important issues is that his time is spent with you and for you. He always asks about how things are going, as well as how things have been from last time to now. He gives 100% to his patients! Table side manner is the greatest! Health care would not be in the problems they are in today if more doctors would approach their patients like Ashley. We hate to lose him [upon graduation from Sherman] but know that the next doctor here will be as nice, because everyone here has been that way.
Cynthia Rinehart
20 Sep 2016
Clayton is 10-years-old and although he successfully potty-trained at an early age, he still suffered from bed-wetting on a nearly nightly basis. After only a very few adjustments by Dr. Liew, Clayton has awakened dry as many as 16 days in a row! We have been so pleased with these results and will continue chiropractic care for a complete cure. Clayton is excited about the possibility of sleeping over at friends’ houses without the embarrassment he has experienced thus far. Dr Liew’s precise, knowledgeable, and encouraging treatment has been a huge blessing to Clayton and our family.
Clayton Holmes
(testimonial written on his behalf by patient’s mother), 30 Sep 2016
I never had chiropractic care prior to coming to the Sherman College Health Centre. I suffered from chronic migraines since high school, as well as low back pain. Thanks to Ashley’s care, my migraines have virtually disappeared and the low back pain has been well managed.
Roberto Marrero
1 Oct 2016

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