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Dr. Kelvin Ng

It has been about 9 years since Dr Kelvin was working on me while he was a Chiropractic intern at the Health Centre of Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg South Carolina. I went to him before my pregnancy and was still a patient when I became pregnant. I have had 5 losses in the 6 years before. When I told Dr Kelvin about this, he reassured me he would do his best to help me. Long story short, I had my Trinity at 6 months along and she was 2lbs 14oz with ZERO health issues. I took her home when she was 3lbs 9oz!!! Scary day! The docs could not figure out how I was able to carry her to that term when I had lost so many before her. I believe Dr Kelvin was the key. I faithfully got treatment and he faithfully took care of me!!! Thank you Dr Kelvin! Trinity is now a healthy 3rd grader full of life!!!
Ms Anna Harmon
South Carolina, USA
Great doctor, quiet, knowledgeable, measured approach, looks at the patient and not merely at the symptoms. I am pleased, I think you will be too!
Ms Anneke van Zanten
Retiree, Switzerland
Dear Uncle Dr Kelvin, Thank you so much for helping me with my neck stiffness some months ago. I was happy that after 4 visits to you, it went away. Also, thank you for moving my neck and head so that my eyes can move in the right way when a pen is close to my nose!! I also like your office very much. I think your bench you let me rest on is super cool. Oh yes, and the toys are nice and it is nice playing with your son! Also, hope to be a pro in bowling like you. : ) Thank you so much ! A Man U fan like you, Timothy
Singapore (9 years old)
The hectic weekend (and wearing heels) has done quite a big damage to my lower back, couldn't straighten my back at all and in serious pain, almost like how it was when I first encounter a slipped disc. Feeling so much better now with a straightened back after being adjusted by my chiropractor, Dr. Kelvin Ng. Thank you!
Ms. Samantha Leo
My left hand is a hundred times stronger than it used to be. I have only you to thank for everything. Your recommended self exercises have become my life routine.
Mr Matthew Hii
Tax Consultant, Singapore
Hi Dr Kelvin, I'm really so glad that I was under your chiro care when I had a hairline crack in my ribs at about 34 weeks pregnant. I would like to share with you that I've delivered my baby girl on 5 Jan 2012. She weights 3.955kg and I'm so thankful for a natural birth without epidural. Couldn't hv done it without your help in bringing healing to my fractured rib. Thanks Dr! 🙂
Yahui Ng,
As an endurance athlete I often train twice daily. This contributes to frequent tightness especially in my neck and lower back. Worse still, my range of motion is sometimes affected due to structure misalignment arising from intense workouts. However since I was introduced to Dr Kelvin, chiropractic has become a regular component of my routine. After each session I immediately feel more flexible in previously tight areas. My times in training and competition have also since improved in part due to regular chiropractic adjustments. Now I know why world-class athletes like Lance Armstrong and Paula Radcliffe see chiropractic as an invaluable form of performance and preventative enhancement!
Mr Ashley Liew
Undergraduate, Singapore
I have been a patient of Dr Kelvin Ng for approximately 2 years. I have found him to be very professional and thorough. He always has a smile and is very positive in this treatments. Most of our visits have ended with me being much better in mind and body. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a sincere and dedicated chiropractor.”
Gill Gregory
Retiree, Moore, South Carolina (SC), USA
Chiropractic works! One of my girls went to Dr.Ng for a consult (on Webster technique) and she said today her (breech) baby had turned and was in a great position for the birth – she is already 38 weeks. Thanks, Dr. Kelvin, you are my hero today!
Ms Colleen Simmonds
Yoga Instructor, Singapore
Heading to the Dr- little one says how much she wants to go to the dr and lie down on the bed, and drive the car around. I realize she's not talking about our GP but about our chiropractor, Dr. Kelvin Ng Say Koon at Family Health Chiropractic Clinic Singapore. That's how awesome he is with kids (and adults, and pregnant ladies)!
Ms Michelle Mohlman
At around 34 weeks of pregnancy, I learnt that my baby was in a transverse position and after much research, I came to your clinic for 2 sessions of Webster technique. Thankfully, Baby turned head down by 38 weeks and I had a normal delivery. Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service and help. Thank you n may God bless you abundantly!
Ms. Sanira Pillai
Looking back, chiropractic treatment has done wonders. I haven’t got backache for sometime, as compared to pre-chiro days with nagging ache.
Nicholas Pang
Civil Servant, Singapore
Great thanks to Dr. Kelvin for his dedicated consultation and alignment for restoring my happy days. After 2 consultation, I feel more energetic daily and no more recurrence of migrane, numbness in fingers and pain at neck & shoulder from my hectic auditing work. The most wonderful thing: migrane and sleepy is no longer my weekends past time. Life is great when your spine is well aligned.
Ms Low Poo Chyn
Audit Manager, Singapore
Being a highly active individual who engages in lots of fitness activities, I have felt my system getting more and more in need of a highly qualified professional who is able to help me address my aching problems (heavens, no Physio!!!). Getting to know Dr Kelvin Ng through a road show allowed me to be further convinced that I made the right choice as I have always wanted to visit a Chiropractor, though I never knew who to go to. My aching bone and nerve problems have diminished slowly and the frequency of occurences have reduced significantly. The aim has always been to go through daily activities (and of course, my fitness routines) without feeling inadequacies. I am indeed very happy that there is this one individual who is dedicated to help others. Defintely gonna recommend him to more people!!!
Mr Ken Tan,
Aerobics Instructor and Fitness Trainer, Singapore
Thank you Dr. Kelvin for keeping my family on the straight and narrow (or our spines, at least!!) and for actually loving being in the business of healthcare *and* peoplecare!
Ms Ranji David
Business Owner, Singapore
Dr Kelvin Ng will do very well in his chosen profession. He shows concern and sympathy for his clients. He is especially “tuned in” to clients’ needs and concerns. His abilities are gentle and he is effective with his adjustments. He is going to be an asset to health care.”
Linda Martz (RNC-NIC NNP-BC)
Registered Nurse, South Carolina, USA

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