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No more “no pain, no gain”: protect your sustainability in sport 

As a marathoner, as a well as a *Doctor of Chiropractic that happens to care for athletes of all abilities (recreational to national athletes) and ages (from as young as my own “Little Runner” 2-year-old son to seniors keeping active), I often hear the following phrase: “I just ran/pushed through the pain.” When I was growing up I also often heard the exercise motto we are all still familiar with:...
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Safe and Gentle Pediatric Chiropractic

“A young tree is easy to straighten, but when it is big it is difficult.” – Filipino Proverb I was especially reminded of this quote in August 2022, when my then 15-weeks-old baby, wife, and I planted a young tree at East Coast Park. It also resonated with me as a Doctor of Chiropractic who regularly checks the spines of the pediatric community, including newborn babies. If this young tree did...
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Getting back into the swing of things on the golf course with chiropractic

If you are an avid golfer, you probably rejoiced on hearing that golf courses would soon reopen. During Singapore’s Circuit Breaker, there was a good chance you had been sitting long hours on the sofa watching television re-runs of previous golfing Majors. In anticipation of hitting the fairways again yourselves, it is vital to ensure your spine is aligned, so that you can be playing at your b...
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Adjusting Patients in the Posture of Subluxation

All Matter Has Motion Chiropractic Principle #14 on Universal Life: “Force is manifested by motion in matter; all matter has motion, therefore there is Universal Life in all matter.” (Stephenson RW, Doctor of Chiropractic, 1927). Our body is constantly in motion. Even while sound asleep, our body’s cells, tissues, and organs are constantly abuzz with activity, with its complex coordination con...
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Starting Off The New Year With A Straighter Spine

The Lunar New Year is around the corner. While we may have been busy buying new clothes, spring cleaning, and preparing for reunion meals, have we thought about how straight our neck will be? As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I am actively assessing the postures of everyone around. Every time I take the train, I cannot help but observe the masses of people with their heads bent downward towards their ...
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There Is No Process That Does Not Require Time

Yes, both photographs reveal the same person, transformed gradually from 2006 to 2011. A 24kg weight loss from overweight recreational athlete to national marathoner did not happen overnight but over 4 years. Subsequently, I went on to stay free of training injuries from 2010 until today, involving a process of consistent and regular chiropractic care. There are no “quick fixes”. Chirop...
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Chiropractic as part of post-marathon recovery

At this point, you may have completed your last target for the year like the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. Then you ask, “What’s next?” Recovery should be the first answer that comes to mind. Besides resting and refueling, what other holistic approaches should be incorporated into your recovery routine? This blogpost will highlight the importance of the post-race chiropractic check and ad...
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Chronic Stress – The “Fight-or-flight” Response

We live increasingly fast paced lifestyles thanks to seemingly unending workloads, studying pressures, multiple commitments, and technology dependency. What implications does this have for the individual? As a Doctor of Chiropractic taking care of patients of all ages and walks of life, I am seeing many of them present with overstimulated nervous systems. In other words, they walk in with “stress”...
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Podium finish at the 2016 Singapore Marathon

The last pair of hands on me before a race is that of a Doctor of Chiropractic. It was no different leading up to last weekend’s Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore. The result? A well fought race with the body functioning at maximum potential; emerging runner-up Singaporean was just a huge bonus. As a national athlete also juggling a full-time job (only until recently full-time gradu...
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